Offering Web-Based Voting and Surveys
for Professional Organizations and Faculty/Student Governments.

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Elections have never been easy, now they are. If you have ever administered an election for your organization, you know the work and responsibility that this entails. You may have also had to deal with potential controversies over the procedures and results.
The Campus-Vote system takes the pain (and expense) out of elections and surveys. It is quick, secure, and easy to use. The Standard version is FREE and our Pro system costs thousand$ less than other services.

For the election administrator: Are you someone who just needs to "get this done ASAP" and do not have the time to add yet another task to your schedule? Many of our clients prefer our experienced staff (we've run hundreds of elections) to act as an independent third party to administer their election and make sure that everything goes smoothly. We also have options for "do-it-yourselfers" who have the time and inclination to handle the election process themselves.

All ballot set-up and voter registration is web based, so no special software is required. We provide a secure WWW server account and built-in automated email merge system for sending ballot registration info to each voter. You can administer your own elections or have our staff do it for you. Do you have members who do not use email or even a computer? See our solution.

For the voter: casting a ballot is quick and easy; all that is needed to vote is a web browser and access to the internet. If you have an email account, you can receive a link to your ballot electronically. We can also send you a first class letter or postcard containing your voting information which can then be used to vote on-line. Try it.

Our proprietary software system was specifically designed by University Scientists for use in Professional organization and Campus elections. With 20+ years of experience conducting web-based elections, the Campus-Vote staff has assisted hundreds of faculty and student governments, non-profit and business professional organizations, high schools, and clubs with their balloting needs.

The ease of use provided by our electronic internet voting system can increase voter participation, reduce expenses, and improve accuracy. All ballot information can be stored and transmitted via our secure server to ensure voter anonymity and privacy.


Here's what Campus-Vote users have to say:
"It was an easy process. I tend to put my paper ballots to the side, then they get buried on my desk, til it's too late. "
"Great ballot system, I wish other societies adopted such a straightforward mechanism!"
"This is just a slick way to run elections. One of the few times I actually enjoy technology. "
"Merci , c'est clair, precis et facile."
"This is a great system for international members and for lowering the cost."
"Bravo et merci pour un système performant, facile d'emploi et d'accès: le mode de l'avenir sans nul doute."
"Good Job - This was about the most efficient web site I have ever used."
"Voting was very easy and straight forward. The biographies were concise and standardized which made evaluating a canidate very easy. Thanks for the good work."
"This is an excellent way to do business!"